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Strong Studios to Develop & Produce a Feature Film on the Story of Joe Moglia, Based on the Biography 4th & Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream

Strong Studios to Develop & Produce a Feature Film on the Story of Joe Moglia, Based on the Biography 4th & Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream

Todd Robinson to Write and Direct the Ultimate Sports Drama Chronicling Moglia’s Fierce Determination to Achieve a Lifelong Dream

Strong Studios, a subsidiary of Ballantyne Strong, Inc. (NYSE American: BTN) (the “Company” or “Ballantyne Strong”), has optioned the rights to New York Times Bestselling author and Forbes contributing editor Monte Burke’s biographical novel, 4th and Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream, to develop and produce a feature film, “4th & Goal,” based on the life of corporate executive, author, football coach Joe Moglia.

4th & Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream follows Joe Moglia’s life from his roots growing up in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood in New York City to his rise through the high school and college football ranks to become the defensive coordinator at Dartmouth, and his dream of becoming a head coach of a college football team. But, often life has a way of interfering with dreams, and with a family on the way, Joe was forced to abandon that dream and enter corporate America to make ends meet. With no MBA but through a fundamental belief that he could succeed with grit and determination, he landed a job at Merrill Lynch and 25 years later stood at the zenith of the financial world as CEO of TD Ameritrade, one of the country’s most successful financial firms. Then in 2008, Joe stunned the corporate world and voluntarily walked away from his lucrative job to pursue the dream he had abandoned… becoming a college football head coach and ultimately, eight-time Hall of Fame inductee.

As Burke stated, 4th & Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream is a detailed account of Joe Moglia’s amazing and uplifting life story, his quest to achieve his ultimate dream and its stunning conclusion. It’s a tale of overcoming adversity…of never giving up…of never losing sight of one’s true goals in life. It is a story, quite literally, of a dream deferred, but never forgotten.”

Emmy Award winning writer/ director Todd Robinson (“The Last Full Measure,” “Phantom,” “White Squall,” “Lonely Hearts”) will pen the screenplay and direct. Joe Moglia, Ballantyne Strong’s Chairman Kyle Cerminara and CEO Mark Roberson, and Strong Studios’ President David Ozer (“Willy’s Wonderland,” “Trigger Point”) serve as Executive Producers. Monte Burke to serve as an Associate Producer. Strong Studios is beginning discussions with potential distributors, broadcasters and streamers.

Kyle Cerminara, Chairman of Ballantyne Strong & Co-Founder of Fundamental Global stated, “The story of Joe Moglia’s life is a singularly inspirational tale reminding us that with enough grit, determination, and sacrifice, the American Dream is within reach and that anything is possible. I’ve been tremendously lucky to count Joe as a friend and colleague through our decadelong partnership with Fundamental Global, and the energy exuded from my meetings with Joe is a feeling I’m incredibly excited to share with audiences as they leave theaters empowered to bet on themselves.” Continued Cerminara, “Little could be more deeply personal or make me more proud than to further collaborate with Joe to help bring to theaters Monte Burke’s beautiful account of Joe’s meteoric rise to mountaintops of both finance and football. I can’t wait for the premiere.”

Joe Moglia, commented, “I am extremely grateful for the family, friends and colleagues that have played an integral role in my journey. Even with all of the twists and turns along the way, I wouldn’t change anything. I look forward to working with Kyle Cerminara and the Strong Studios team to create a special movie that will hopefully inspire people of all ages to never give up on their dreams but to understand that sometimes it takes time…a lot of time and patience.”

David Ozer, President of Strong Studios & Executive Producer said, “4th & Goal is a powerful tale of one man’s drive and determination to see a lifelong dream realized, and I look forward to working with Joe, Todd Robinson and our production team to ensure that we stay true to Joe’s story and deliver a compelling and inspiring tale of recapturing a dream.”

Robinson shared, “I’ve known Joe Moglia for a long, long time, and I’ve admired his many achievements in both business and on the football field. It wasn’t until last year at a player’s reunion, however, that I realized just how deeply his wisdom and mentorship had impacted generations of young men. His tough-love commitment and sacrifice to shaping lives are both rare and powerful and certainly worthy of celebrating on screen.”

About Strong Studios

Strong Studios, headquartered in New York, NY, is a subsidiary of Ballantyne Strong, Inc.’s (NYSE American: BTN) Strong Entertainment segment. Strong Studios develops and produces original feature films and television series, as well as acquires third party rights to content for global multiplatform distribution. The new studio launched in March 2022 with an IP development slate acquisition and an initial distribution agreement with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s Screen Media for two new scripted series, the supernatural horror “Safehaven,” and the dramedy “Flagrant,” with Michael Rapaport, which have both been officially greenlit for production this year. Screen Media will distribute both series, with their streaming services Crackle, Popcornflix, and Chicken Soup for the Soul having first rights to premiere. Additional series in Strong Studios’ development and production pipeline include “Shadows in the Vineyard,” starring Judith Light and Noah Wyle; the drama series, “Heartbeat,” co-created by legendary DJ couple Kiss and M.O.S.; and the horror series “MidNightMares.”

About Ballantyne Strong, Inc.

Ballantyne Strong, Inc. (www.ballantynestrong.com) is a diversified holding company with operations and holdings across a broad range of industries. The Company’s Strong Entertainment segment is the largest premium screen supplier in North America, provides technical support services and related products and services to the cinema exhibition industry, and recently launched its studio operations to produce content for streaming and other entertainment outlets. Ballantyne Strong holds equity stakes in Firefly Systems, Inc., GreenFirst Forest Products Inc. (TSX: GFP), and FG Financial Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: FGF), as well as real estate through its Digital Ignition operating business.

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